A lot of life brings me to this point!

I am an astrologer, shamanic practitioner, actress, musician, teacher and writer. I have a son, (aged 36, works for BBC). I was brought up in St. Ives in Cornwall (and retain strong connections there) but now live in Brighton – a stimulating place! I have strong connections with Mexico – and the San Francisco Bay Area!

I gained my Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1998, receiving the Margaret Hone award for the best interpretation paper that year. Since then, I have interwoven writing about Astrology, teaching it, running workshops and doing private consultations. I have also spoken about astrology on BBC Radio, including doing ‘on the spot‘ consultations live on air.

My style of astrology can apparently be both sensitive and raunchy!

I have lectured frequently on Sex in the Chart, Creativity in the Chart, the Moon, Neptune and Saturn. I am particularly interested in hidden potential as is revealed in the birth chart. I write astrological articles, in particular for an Astrology Correspondence course manual printed by the astrologycollege.com. (Aspects in the Chart and The Astrological Cycles.)

I have taught Mundane Astrology for the Faculty of Astrology and lectured at their Summer School at Jesus College Oxford.

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